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Members of the band

  Christian P. Zalewski - GUITAR
  C. Mindedahl - DRUMS
  Steen G. K. - VOCALS
  Erik Nielsen - BASS
  Kristian B. Olesen - GUITAR

General info

  Under the Necropolis the band released two demoes in 1998 and 1999, which evetually led to a deal with Sonic Attack. Unfortunately the deal was never realized, and the band started from scrap. Edenbeast is the new result hereof, and the the most important improvement has been musically. Going from old-school death thrash, Edenbeast have steadingly been working on incorporating variety and quality into their music. We hope to release a full length album with conceptual threads entitled Torture World Celebration. Lyrically the album deals with everything from everyday situations to big worldly issues. Musically the album will, as the promo illustrates, cover everything from melodic and melancholic tunes to brutal deathmetal attacks, and in that aspect cover the lyrical emotions we want to express. Not all lyrics on the album will be pitch black, and we always make sure that some of them has a light towards the end.
  The album is, as we speak almost completely written, so all we wait for is an opportunity to record it.

Download free music

Embrace the Neon Sun 3.42 MB Download
The Heart Cages 4.52 MB Download

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