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Echo Luna

Echo Luna
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Members of the band

  Todd Kinsley

General info

  Shimmering synthesizers, tribal percussion, native flutes, urban electronic beats, subtle guitars, and rich orchestral strings make up the heart of Echo Luna’s debut album 'Emerald Shadows'.
  Containing elements of New Age, World, Ambient, Downtempo, Chill, and related genres, Emerald Shadows succeeds at being relaxing and mystical, while still being modern and pulsating. Invoking the spirit of artists like Enigma, Deep Forest, Amethystium, Delerium, Moby, etc., Echo Luna’s instrumental electronic synergy crosses genre boundaries. 'Emerald Shadows' is NOT your parents’ New Age album!
  In addition to the instrumental core of 'Emerald Shadows', a few tracks also contain seldom-heard remote Russian vocal samples. This is a refreshing change from the often-rehashed ‘chanting monks’ (heard on other albums in this genre). One listen to 'Emerald Shadows' can inspire visions of being in a mystical forest at twilight. For a few shimmering minutes, the sun meets the moon. A beautiful darkness is descending, but the last silver rays of the setting sun still break through the veil. You are caught somewhere between the darkness and the light. This is the world of Echo Luna.
  The music of Echo Luna appeals to overworked adults who need to relax, to teenage/college fans of hip downtempo electronic music, to New Age mystics & free thinkers, and to anyone who wants to experience a realm of enchanted dark beauty. Emerald Shadows is the future of relaxation music, available today.
  About the Artist
  Echo Luna is the solo creation of musician/composer/sound designer Todd Kinsley. Todd is an experienced sonic artist, having created original music and sound design for video games, film, multimedia, and live theatre. Echo Luna is currently a 'studio only' creation.

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