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WaterWorks Entertainment

WaterWorks Entertainment
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Members of the band

  Rosemary Haskins (Engineer, Producer, Publisher)
   Patrick Himes (Engineer, Producer, Publisher)

General info

  The WWE Publishing catalog contains an exciting mixture of indie, pop, rock, americana, electronica, and instrumental compostions for film and TV. We have succesfully placed artists in both film and TV; and we have recently begun doing song pitches for major and indie labels, both nationally and internationally.
  WWE Publishing is unique to other publishing companies. WaterWorks Entertainment’s motto is to be “devoted to the art of indie,” which means we are devoted to the art of you! Unlike most publishing companies who take a 50/50 split. We offer a 30/70 split, with the artist keeping the majority of their publishing. Afterall, it’s your music right?
  Browse around and listen to some of our artists’ music. You won’t be disappointed!
  If you are looking for music for a project, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to work with others in helping them find the perfect track for their needs. We have a wide range of music that can fit just about any budget.
  WWE Publishing is INDIE FRIENDLY! We offer a 30/70 split, with YOU taking the majority (unlike most publishing co.’s whose standard is 50/50). We also offer PR and marketing packages. Visit our website for details on how to submit to us.

Download free music

Altazar - ROSEMARY n/a Download
Do the Zero - the American Static n/a Download
Dumptruck Blues - Guy Farmer n/a Download
Further and Further - Shrug n/a Download
Giggle - Dennis Shepherd Group n/a Download
Halfway Home - the Future Laureates n/a Download
Shoe Laces - e-banditos n/a Download

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