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Early Grace

Early Grace
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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Anna (Vocals,Piano)
  Christopher (Guitar)
  Sean (Bass)
  Pete (Drums)
  Russ (Pedal Steel, Mandolin)

General info

  Early Grace is a New York based 4-piece featuring powerful female vocals with achingly beautiful melodies and songs that speak to the heart of their listeners. They draw on the feel & sound of artists Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams & Neil Young. Fronted by classical composer Anna Elias-Bonet on Lead vocals and piano, husband Christopher Bonet on Lead guitar, brother Sean Bonet on Bass, longtime friend Pete Moon on drums and multi-instrumentalist Russ Rogers on pedal steel, mandolin & guitar. In 2004 Early Grace won positive reviews for their EP and they are hoping to break new ground on the Americana music scene with the release of their first full length “Kick The Sky” due out late 2005. Their love for Country & Rock has developed into what they call “Cosmic Americana Music”; Real-life stories in songs such as “If I Could”, “Second Chances”, and “Tombstone Bound”(featuring a duet with Jason Ringenberg of Jason & The Scorchers) will grab you in an instant and stay with you forever.

Download free music

If I Could n/a Download
Second Chances n/a Download
Tombstone Bound n/a Download

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