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Members of the band

  JONES (vocals)
  HEBER (drums)
  LARRY (guitar)
  JESSE (guitar)
  FRANKIE (bass)

General info

  E.A.R.L. A central California based rock band guaranteed to blow your socks off and make your daughters wake up with a headache. E.A.R.L. was formed in April of 2004 when the band “Thanks 4 Nothing”(Larry, Jesse, Frankie) was in desperate need of a vocalist. Thru some networking thru close friends “T4N” hooked up with Jones (vocalist) and Heber (drummer) remainders of the band “Crickets of the Electricity”. Since then E.A.R.L has been rocking all over the central valley with they’re very unique style and sound. CHECK OUT OUR SITE

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Anti-social Booty n/a Download
She has a Boyfriend n/a Download

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