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*Day Without the Sun*

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Dushan Choco
  Igor Stolic
  Stefan Filipovic
  Mathijs Ignoul

General info

  Day Without the Sun was formed in October 2009 by Dushan Choco, Nikola Jeremic and Igor Stolic. The ideas for songs were there already so first demo was recorded soon. Shortly after Mathijs Ignoul, from Belgium, joined in to participate on the project. On 18th October demo “Promo I” was released. Band played instrumental rock back then. Nikola suggested that it would be good if band found a singer, and after long search and changing the singers Jelena Icic joined the band. Not long after new songs were composed, and in January 2010 new demo “a2010” was recorded. With most of band members scattered, it was clear that until full line up located in Serbia was found there would be no live performances.
  Band continued to write on the new tracks, and after two months band was ready to record new EP. This time instead of having it mixed by them, band contacted Archsound studio. On 3rd May recording on the new EP started. Meanwhile band decided that Jelena no longer fits the music that was prepared for this demo, so they part ways. Andrey Yakovlev, with whom Dushan has been in contact for some time, was invited to sing the vocals for the songs. Band got tired of searching for stable vocalist so they’ve decided to invite various vocalists and other session musicians to participate with future works. Band is currently taking a break from composing and recording, in order to promote new demo. People willing to participate on the new album, should contact the band for further details.
  As of September 2010 band features additional member Stefan Filipovic, and currently is working on the new album with plan to finish it by Spring 2011.

Download free music

Adapted (instrumental) n/a Download
Beginning Is Where I End n/a Download
Nameless (instrumental) n/a Download
Senescence n/a Download

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