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- Angel Wynton and Dwight Whitley -

- Angel Wynton and Dwight Whitley -
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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Dwight and Angel are great Singers
  and they both play Guitar
  write own songs and make Cover too
  this songs are official recorded
  And Dwight and His manager Jim Dunlap gave Lizard permission to download....

General info

  We are both Traditional singers
  have both website and became the closed friends in Country Music.
  See also Dwight his website..
  Angel keep that alive...
  and also keep contact with kentucky..We hope those 2 songs
  give the listener spirit enough
  to buy the whole CD..
  Hello Whitley Fans, Dwight Whitley has recorded a album to his Late
  Brothers, Randy & Keith Whitley. We have sold thousands of
  Dwight's Hit Album for $14.95 and $5.00 S&H.
  you can order this great Album "Brothley Love" for only $10.00 CD or
  Cass and $2.00 S&H in USA and $5.00 S&H Overseas.
  Send Check or Money Order To:
  Whitley Fan Club
  205 Carl Perkins Dr.
  Apt 11B
  Ashland Ky41101
  Jim Dunlap
  Personal Assistant
  Check out Dwight & Angel at :
  we all want to thank Jim Dunlap to make this Happend..
  Dwight Whitley and Angel Wynton
  Thanks to all our Fans that they believe in us...

Download free music

All aboard n/a Download
Good Girls Are Gonna Go Bad [CD Track] n/a Download
Have mercy n/a Download
I See Him True [CD Track] n/a Download
My Elusive Dreams[CD Track] n/a Download
The Thunder Rolls[cd track] n/a Download
Till I Get it Right [CD Track] n/a Download

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