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Members of the band

  Dwaun - Guitar and Vocals

General info

  The new release 'SOUL SESSIONS IN HELL VOL 1' is the first in what will ultimately be a 3 CD set by Modern Rock Artist DWAUN. It's blissfully twisted guitar oriented rock with a Punk ethic. It's Funk Rock with no ethics. Above all, it's everything but shallow. Many of you have been waiting for a new and interesting story with many chapters. Well, musically 'SOUL SESSIONS IN HELL VOL 1' is the beginning of what you might be waiting for. 'Volume 1' is a bold musical testimonial driven by the often tumultuous life of the artist. It's dark, ironic, humorous, and sincere. You probably remember revisiting an album that had something new everytime you played it. And everytime you listened, you were once again reassured that you got your money's worth. This is one of those albums with many more to come.

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