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Dwarf of Ignorance

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Members of the band

  Zyge - vocals
  Lauri - vocals, guitars, bass, synth
  Tomas - drums, percussion

General info

  No HEART, no PASSION, no SKILL! No dogmatic RULES or codes when it comes to songwriting or performing. Just some pretty odd SONGS. Play it safe, don't listen. Founded somewhere around 2008 (on the basis of a solo project called Houyhnhnm) this Finnish musical octopussy going by the name of Dwarf Of Ignorance delivers you it's own bizarre mix of different kinds of rock music. You may hear some hardcore punk-vibes in some of the songs, something akin to deathmetal here and there, subtle stoner-rock-influences from the chilly marshlands of Häme Finland and - of course – some outrageously calculated, greasy pop-melodies to please the evil music corporations. But what you most likely are to find out is that here is a band completely inept at sticking in any distinct style or genre. After all, it's all about playing music, not playing with any "genre", "bloc" or "party".

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Hour of the Wolf n/a Download
Jaws n/a Download

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