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Dust Be My Destiny

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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Tommy Bruno; Guitar and kitchen sink
  Jesse Trudeau; Bass and Mal's Sandwiches

General info

  more useless shit?:
  The posted songs are an extremely small example of some of the styles that have been laid down. Things have come to a halt the past 1-2 years for many unfortunate reasons, and hopefully with the right inspiration(s) a new musical life will be born. The fire needs kindling. If you are a female vocalist and hopefully have some sort of experience (and I donít even mean training), lots of inspiration, dedication, an enormous wealth of ideas and ear for melodies and seem somewhat interested in a major collaboration, drop me a line. This is not a dictatorship - you will be a part of this project - nothing is written in stone - just come with an open mind and a fresh ear.
  These songs that are uploaded are a bit old, some are mixed, some need re-mixing, some have changed...I dont want to get too far as I imagine they might be changed around with collaboration. They are just an idea of a range we're aiming for. These songs dont sound the same in 128, but for free, one cant complain!

Download free music

All-core electro - no live bass/guitar yet n/a Download
Breathy Mid Tempo Track n/a Download
Long Ass Metal Tune n/a Download
Machine n/a Download
Slow Ambient Track n/a Download
The Almighty? n/a Download
Umm..Another Intro n/a Download

Latest tracks

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