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Dub Station

Dub Station
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Members of the band

  Kyle Russell - Bass
  Ryders McCoy - Keyboards
  Ziggy White - Guitar
  Charlie Thorpe - Drums

General info

  Dub Station: The place where the "dubs" (or instrumentals) happen, is complimenting Jamaican music - not simply by duplicating exiting production styles - but instead by building on original performance concepts (new bass lines, melodies, and arrangements) in collaboration with US based Jamaican talent - creating a new sound designed both to honour and reflect contemporary and traditional reggae.

Download free music

Always & Forever (feat Paul Wayne) - Dub Station 4.25 MB Download
Center of Attraction - Dub Station 4.24 MB Download
Get it Together - Dub Station 4.09 MB Download
Poison the Earth (feat Tweety Bird) - Dub Station 3.93 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks