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DT nauka jazdy

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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Chester - BeatProgramer, Producer
  Dj Mell o'Deque - BeatProgramer, Producer, DJ, Electric - Accoustic Guitar
  Stim-O-Roll - BeatProgramer, Producer, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar , KeyBoard

General info

  BigBeat, BreakBeat, Nu skool Breaks, 2 step, Funk
  more songs and some new on official site:
  inspiration: Bentley Rhythm Ace, Freddy Fresh , FatBoy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Hybrid, Jimi Hendrix, Crystal Method, Elvis Presley, Los Lobos, The Clash [ some punk , ska, big beat, breakbeat music]

Download free music

DayTripper [org. by Jimi Hendrix - remix] 2.26 MB Download
Funk The HOUSE 3.17 MB Download
On Drugs 5.05 MB Download
Whole The People 2.81 MB Download

Latest tracks

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