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Dripping Rictus

Dripping Rictus
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Members of the band

  Dripping Rictus is: Christopher & Jeremy Engel.

General info

  Dripping Rictus is the work of the two German/American brothers, Christopher and Jeremy Engel. The first experiments began in 1992 in the Bowels of New Orleans driving on the impulses implanted by bands such as: Bau Haus, Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, and Coil. By 1996 they completed their first full length release entitled "Corporeal Addiction" which was subsequently released the following year by Laudanum records. The band was as interested in their live venues as they were in creating their first album, and therefore embarked on a study of various stage effects. For the next several months the band began experimenting with custom made gadgets hoping to create an entire mood through lighting, onstage inter-active sculptures and various other special effects. Currently they reside in Chicago preparing for a full tour. Within the next few months Dripping Rictus will begin performing in the Chicago area.

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Mainline Christ 4.17 MB Download
Stone X 4.25 MB Download
Transphyxiation 3.83 MB Download
Verzaubert 4.49 MB Download

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