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Members of the band

  Aki Pistemaa, Guitar
  Tomi Vähäkangas, Vocals
  Atte Palokangas, Drums

General info

  DreaMRealM is taking break, because lot of member changes in band and we're making little different style music this while. But we maybe get DreaMRealM back someday.

Download free music

At The End Of Eternity (Live) 4.06 MB Download
Burning Chains (from: Twilight River) 4.78 MB Download
Drown (live) 4.10 MB Download
Herald Of Nightfall (Live) 3.76 MB Download
Last Cup Of Misery (Live) 5.10 MB Download
Obsession (Live) 4.63 MB Download
Skies (Live) 4.45 MB Download
Solitude (Live) 5.21 MB Download
Wolf Within (Live) 3.94 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks