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The Dragonica Project

The Dragonica Project
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  November 1992, right after hurricane Andrew, Ebon moved to Florida. Like many teens he liked many types of music, but not as much as his love for Techno and Dance music. In 1993 he sang bass for an R&B group called Infinite, based in Homestead, Florida. In 1998, he was part of another R&B group called 4Qast. The R&B groups did not pay off for him and in the long run, he abandons his R&B career to take upon other challenges.
  In 1999, he started The Dragonica Project. The purpose… well to see if he has what it takes to make it in the music industry as an Electronica artist. Ebon’s first album, that was released in 2004, Revolution (Ant War) did better than he expected. Despite the fact that was his first album he had produced from his 1 bedroom apartment in Florida. The struggle to fine tune his style and be distinguished among many artists in the industry is still a goal that Ebon strives to accomplish. Now he is never been more inspired to do music that will make people dance.
  Words from Ebon Stone…
  Hello Music Lover,
  I want to thank you for taking the time to preview my page in the best indie site in the world. I want to talk about this second album and how it came about. In 1999, I started this project with the goal of challenging myself to see if I can do Electronica music. The first few years were a struggle because I wanted to be different but at the same time I wanted to make exciting music and on top of all that make it unique. So the first album was basically a breakthrough moment for me when I actually released it in 2004. The past couple of years, however, I have struggle in a different way. Like many of you, I still have a 9 to 5 job and pay bills. But despite of this I was able to make more music than what I was able to spit out in the 5 years I took to make my first album. So now, this is an exciting time for me because I was able to release this second album with less stress and more refinement. This time I did things a little different. I actually let people listen to the music and let them comment upon it. With the feedback, I was able to make my music a little bit better. I used technology that even I can get my hands on like Sony Acid and Soundforge and a good keyboard namely a Korg Triton Workstation. These were the tools I used to make this second album a better reality
  My vision is simple. I want to see each and every one of you dance in the clubs. I want to entertain you with my music. I want to make you feel better in a crappy day. And if I am not doing this job with my releases, let me know and I will make it better. I make music for me, but by making music for me I make music for you too. I am the average guy that just wants to make music for the pleasure of dancing. I want to also invite you to sign up to my semi monthly newsletter. Just go to and sign up.
  See you on the flip side!
  Ebon Stone

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