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Members of the band

  DVS- Vocals.
  Wrecktight- Production.
  All lyrics by M. Turner.
  All production by W. Tight.

General info

  DVS, or Don Va Skwa, is an extended family member of the Open Source MC's. He is also a psychotic crazy-man who has been known to freestyle lines like "I'll hit you with the nearest pole..." He is a horrible driver, an insane MC, and a loving father. He is our favorite scary guy.
  For a good deal on a DVS or Open Source MC's CD email the fam at:
  If you like this, look for Open Source freestyles(featuring DVS and more).
  Thanks for your time.

Download free music

Busted Dude feat. DJG(short version) 2.47 MB Download
Can you trust me? 2.46 MB Download
DVS & WISE 1.89 MB Download
Running From a Demon(ft. DJG) 5.21 MB Download

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