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Open Source MC's

Open Source MC's
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Members of the band

  DJG-Emcee, DJ and producer
  Makks-Emcee, DJ and producer

General info

  The idea behind Open Source was to let anybody contrubute to the music who was willing... and this still remains the vision. The style is music for people who, like us, love music. We don't embrace a label or description of our it as you hear it. If you have listened thank-you. We are affiliated with the supergroup "Cheezus of Nazareth", so download their instant classics and find yourself amazed. If you are interested in buying an Open Source CD email us at and we will set you up with a good deal.
   "Open Source builds beats like ships..."
   "This is for the music lovers with a passion intense, I love the shit so much sometimes it does'nt make any sense..."
  Anybody who has listened or provided feedback thank-you for helping what we here at Open Source Output consider a very succsessful attempt at getting our music out to a broader audience. Special thanks to anyone who hits the new tracks every time we add are some of the first true fans and will not be forgotten. Look out for new music soon.
  Check out Open Source freestyles. Live emcee action with no pre-written lyric book help. Anything can happen...
  For the Open Source heads out there who feel good alternative music check out Midnight Carnival Band in the ALTERNATIVE section of the lizard. High quality music from the beautiful heart of Mark Bush, also from Austin. The Waitress Song slams with no remorse. Look out for an exclusive DJG remix of this song, coming soon...
  It's been a minute since you've heard from us, huh? The drama never stops for us here at OpenSource OutPut, but here we are again. This time the new tunes are coming in the form of a solo effort from DjG. His new track Sober John V. is, in our humble opinion, simply blazing. We hope anyone who likes our music has been patient with us in getting some new, free music to this wonderful site. There is much more to come soon. We are slowly but steadily getting over the hump that is equipment problems. Gear has finally been upgraded, leaving us with a renewed hope that God might like us again. Anyone who still checks for us, or who is just checking us for the first time, thank-you. Keep looking out for the new songs we will be adding soon!
   Love and more Love,

Download free music

Change Chump 3.76 MB Download
Divorce Joint 1.76 MB Download
Life as I know it 3.32 MB Download
Open Source MC's 2.86 MB Download
Sober John V. 1.80 MB Download

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