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dobleCe digiTal

dobleCe digiTal
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Members of the band

  dobleCe (Caroline Carlin), Digital Composer.

General info

  Experimenting with sounds, looking for the ultimate silence through electronica and aleatory, xenharmonic or minimalist proposals... researching into the healing powers of sound, brainwaves and energy.
  The tracks you can download from this site are from the last album "Autorretrato" (Self-Portrait) interpreted in various forms and using personal scales.
  All tracks have been composed using Musinum, an amazing software created by Lars Kindermann. You can learn more about and download Musinum here:

Download free music

Autorretrato n/a Download
Autorretrato en Do Carolynian 2 Mayor n/a Download
Autorretrato en Mi Carolynian n/a Download
Autorretrato en Mi Pentatónica Mayor n/a Download
Autorretrato en Sol Sostenido Carolynian 2 Menor n/a Download
Étude en Do Carolynian 2 Major n/a Download
Étude en Mi Carolynian n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks