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dance / techno


Members of the band

  I am the Sydney-based DJ and artist Sanju and one of the first to exclusively mix in clubs with nothing more than a laptop and Virtual DJ

General info

  I am more in to Dance/Techno, RnB and rest a bit of every thing basically. I just wanna Ppl to Shake the Booty and Keep Rocking..

Download free music

A@sHiQUi MeiN TeRi (Electric Mix) - 440 VoLTs n/a Download
Bombay Rockers in Bhangra Mood n/a Download
Ch@nD SiFaRiSh Vs GeL@ GeL@ (eLecTriC MiX) n/a Download
ChUq De PuNj@Bi - S@nj Roles BaQ 2 Bhangra n/a Download
P@n@HoN mEiN D@nDiY@ (DaNdiYa MiX) n/a Download

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