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( ( ( DJ HYP3R ) ) )

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dance / techno


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General info

  DJ Hyper Started Mixing Songs In Earler 2005 Since Then He Moved On To Remixing And Producing His Own Songs In Mid 2006. His Unique Style Of Music Production Has Spread His Name And Music All Over The UK's Underground Scene

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Anthem No.1 n/a Download
Dancing In The Dark ( Bounce Remix ) n/a Download
Dont You See Me ( Summer Remix ) n/a Download
EveryTime We Touch ( Summer Remix ) n/a Download
I Miss You Now Your Gone (DJ Hyper Remix) n/a Download
Sexc Natalias Choon ( ClubLand Promo ) n/a Download
When It Comes To You And Me ( Live Version ) n/a Download

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