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DJ Hassaan

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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Actually we have DJ'S Group. We remix the tracks and play on events. We are professional DJ'S. There 3 DJ's are cureently in our Group and there names are below.
  DJ Hassaan
  Founder of our group and Star DJ of Group. DJ Hassaan is #1 Underground DJ of Pakistan.
  DJ Shahzad
  This DJ is ranked 2nd # in our Group. DJ Shahzad is 2nd # Underground DJ of Pakistan.
  DJ Awais
  He likes to remix sad songs. He is 3rd ranked DJ in our group.
You can call our group Pakistani DJS

General info

  We play

Download free music

Dildara - Electro House Mix n/a Download
Drona - Acid Club Mix n/a Download
Lonely Electro Clubbing Track n/a Download
Purani Jeans - Retro Radio Mix n/a Download
Tu Meri Dost Hain - Dream Night-Club Mix n/a Download

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