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DJ Cloudz

DJ Cloudz
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Kevin Healy

General info

  I started producing electronic music in 1999, in the city of Kingston, Ontario. Shortly after this I moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada and started spinning records as well as continuing to produce originals and remixes. With my curiosity and my passion for music I took one step deeper into production with synthesis experimentation, and then onto designing custom software synthesizers. This gave me a very detailed understanding on how different synths operate and how to make a synthesizer achieve the sound I am looking to create.
  My tracks vary in style, some of which include: tribal, progressive, house and trance. The signiture characteristics of my music are, the use of tribal drums, ethnic percussion, and exploring the darker soundscapes of music today. Occationally I team up with another producer DJ Sybek to create originals, and remix productions under the alias "H2H".
  Johnny Hollow “Bag of Snow (H2H Tribal Breaks Remix)” co-produced with DJ Sybek

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Blinding n/a Download
Ice House n/a Download
Invertion n/a Download
Mood 5.35 MB Download

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