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Dj Blade Runner

Dj Blade Runner
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Members of the band

  Travis R. Hilkey-Dj Blade Runner/Digital Orchestrated Media Artist.
  Shandra Magwire/Photographer
  David Medely-Monkey/Manager
  Susan Eton/Travis' Love, World, Life and Inspiration.
  Eternal Eye Entertainment/Movie Production Company
  LXP Records/Record Company and Inspiration
  Let it Fly Productions/Film Company and Travis' Initial Start in the music industry.
  Splintered Soul (UK)/Band and Collab Partner /Distribution of Movie Soundtrack Albums by Dj Blade Runner Flash Advertising Specialists. /mp3 Download Host /Keeping Dj Blade Runner in touch with the world.

General info

  Hello, I am Dj Blade Runner. I am a Sound Track Artist for Eternal Eye Entertainment. I make all my music digitally. I use fruity Loops Studio and Acid Pro to Orchestrate, Produce and Master the music. I also Promote Bands and Films/Filmmakers using Wix Flash Media and other Flash Media Programs. I make Custom Banners, Logos, Websites, Trailers (Film Footage needed), Profiles, Portfolios, Photos/Photo Albums, Home movie Editing and Mastering and much more. All media produced is made with Dj Blade Runner custom music and style. I do Collabs with Splintered Soul UK. SSUK is an awesome Heavy Metal Band from England. They Poor the metal into you as they stream the melody of the universe from the well orchestrated Guitar Symphony they produce. Chris Frost is a Lead Guitarist in the band and a good friend of mine. Sweet metal runs through his veins as he screams the wailing Lead parts. I haven't many Photos other then my Groups logo. But I am working with a very talented Photographer from Lincoln, NE, Shandra, to gain photos of the group. She truly brings the life out in her photos. Knowing all the good positions and angles Shandra brings to life all that she Photographs. My Manager, Monkey, Sits with me for hours and helps put together most of our masterpieces. He puts his soul into it when he disappears into a world of his creation. I do a lot of different styles of music, Genres Range but are not limited to: Dance, Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass, Soundtrack, Club, Rock, Metal, Native, Jungle, Jungle Techno and much more. My style is only one........Mine. The style has never been heard before and is hard if not impossible to duplicate. My Style only lasts for the length of a song. It is recognizable the next song but is a completely different style. I work on 20-30 Songs a day or two and can have a soundtrack album Completed in around about 2-2 1/2 weeks Starting from Scratch. If I use existing media I can make an album in less than an hour. I put my Heart and Soul into my music. My music is my life and I dedicate it to the 3 Most important women in my life:
   My Daughter: Angel Hilkey.
   My Mom: Kandace Trapane
   The love of my life:Susan Eton
  I love you with all my heart. Thank you for believing in me.

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Dance with the enemy n/a Download
The King. Featuring Dayne n/a Download

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