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DJ Aks

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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Aks - (Producer & DJ)

General info

  DJ Aks a very fresh Talent in the Music & Remix Industry.
  Started just 2 years now, itís been a fast journey from the Bedroom to the masses. Still he got a long way to go.
  Originally from Bangladesh, he grew up in Dubai learning & researching many kinds of music.
  His Productions always have a touch of Experimental, Conceptual Fusion & Ambient Music touch.
  Language & countries being his inspiration he has worked on Bollywood (Indian), Pakistani, Bengali, Nepali & Oriental Tracks.
  Apart from Composing & Remixing he has been researching Film Background Score with themes being his passion.

Download free music

Dance with You (UNI) Megamix - DJ Aks n/a Download
Dirty Pop Oriental Mix by Dj Aks n/a Download
Ek Pardesi Mera Dilegaya (Radio Edit) n/a Download
Habibi Wala Ana (Edit) Remix by Dj Aks n/a Download
O humdum Soniyo Remix [Bounce 2 This] n/a Download
Rock The Arabian Party n/a Download
Zara Zara Drum n Bass Mix by Dj Aks n/a Download

Latest tracks

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