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Dj Xela

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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Just me.

General info

  I am me. Alex. I come from S. Wales and have ventured onto this site. I try to create decent music, although it may not seem it. Decent is decent - and Ultima is more a rave mix more than anything. If you're still reading, I can't believe you got this far. I wouldn't have. I mean. I'm talking drivel.
  In 19dickety7, turnips landed on the ocean, and transformerised to become parsnips. What became of the parsips, no-one knew, apart from a crazy old man who says he ate them. Well, apparently, you now know. But don't trust me, you don't even know me. Whats to say that everything I say is a lie? You wouldn't know would you? No. Because you're a fool. AHA! I called you a fool and there's nothing you can do about it!! Because you're over there... and... ha... I'm here. Away from you.

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