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Members of the band

  Jay - guitar, vocals
  Steve - guitar, vocals
  Rob - bass, vocals
  Todd - drums

General info

  Started in 2002 as a 3 piece. Recorded a 5 song demo in 48 hours. (we can burn you a copy if you really wanna hear it). Kev - drums, Jay - bass and vocals, Steve - guitar. Recorded a second 11 song demo in late 2002 / early 2003. Kev went off to Canada.
  Steve and Jay with nothing else to do recorded by themselves the split 7" with HOLOKAUST (Cries Of Pain Records - US - 2004) and the split 10" with EARTH TODAY (Undislessed Records - France - 2004). By this time Jay had moved to second guitar, and Rob joined on as bassist. A couple months later Tom moved from Connecticut to Philly, and started playing drums to round out the lineup.
  In 2004 we recorded the "Grim prospects..." LP (Putrid Filth Conspiracy - Sweden - 2005). Played numerous shows in Philly and on the East Coast.......Early 2005 would see the recording and self release of the split 7" with ENDLESS NIGHTMARE, as well as Tom's departure from the band.
  Kev returned from his Canadian adventures and played his first show back with us (after only two practices after a 2 year hiatus) at the 2005 Pointless Fest in Philadelphia, PA.
  And faster than he arrived, he has once again vanished off in to the wilderness of Kev-Land leaving us drummer-less once more.
  Happy New year 2006!! DisSystema finally has a new drummer...TODD!!! Thanks Todd! Work is currently being resumed on our second LP.
  and the nightmare continues!!!

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Beggar At The Gates n/a Download
Cut Off The Tongue Of The Double Speaker n/a Download
Just Beyond Our Reach n/a Download
Wake The Dead n/a Download

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