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Disco Stu

Disco Stu
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Members of the band

  Bugsy - Guitar, vocals
  Andy - Bass, vocals
  Colin - Drums

General info

  "I'd like to play me latest chart topper. It's called, 'Me Fans Are Stupid Pigs'." - Bart, part of his rock-and-roll fantasy
  To put it simply, Disco Stu is THE Simpsons punk rock band. We play songs from and about the Simpsons. Musically, we could be described, like Ralph Wiggum, as "happy AND angry". Influences include Mudhoney, the Misfits, the Descendents, Inbred Jed, Mary Prankster, Dinosaur Jr, and a crapload more. If you know all the words to the Stonecutter's Anthem and "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World", and don't listen to Disco Stu, you must have some sort of brain damage. Did you ever see that movie where they sent the nuclear submarine to fight the piranhas, and the one swims down the periscope and bites the guy in the eye and he goes "AAAAAAH AAAAAAH AAAAAAAH" and the old lady told him it would happen? What's the point of this story? I like stories.

Download free music

Comin' Up Milhouse 3.57 MB Download
Die, Bad Robots, Die! 1.38 MB Download
Disco Stu 1.55 MB Download
Moe 2.60 MB Download
Seven Short Songs About Springfield 2.97 MB Download
The Funky Grandpa 4.68 MB Download
We Do (The Stonecutter's Anthem) 1.18 MB Download

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