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Dante Innferno

Dante Innferno
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  Originally Born, Dante' Thomas LaCass in Akron,Ohio on April 18, 1982. D.I. has always had a passion and fascination with music. "I can remember going through my Dad's records, and playing instruments at a young age." "I love this music, this art i do, I take my work very serious,and take pride in what i do. By the age of 16, after living in four other cities in Ohio, D.I. found himself in a single parent househould, being raised by only his Mother. "Yeah, I love my Mom, she raised us good." "Its very hard for a single mother to raise three kids on one income." "Shit, I remember alot of cold,hungry nights, and struggle, but it only made me into the strong man, you see today. It was at this point, that D.I. formed his own rap group "V.S.C" (Versatile Style CRu). He began to take rap more serious from that point. "I can't lie, I was fascinated by the hiphop culture, it consumed me, I wanted and everything in it, Money, Power, and Respect. " I was out there, doing wrong, slanging, robbing, stealing, we were out there, little knuckleheads." "Then I can remember half of my crew got locked up." "My man "P" got knocked for a drive-by shooting, so that was when I did my solo thing." "I really stepped it up hustling, selling my own cds, doing shows, grinding off music at strip clubs, any club i could get around. Anyone whos me knows me for my ethic and seriousness, "I don't play." In 2003, D.I.'s persistance and talent payed off. He signed a contract with a demo-distrubution label. "I got looks from Dame Dash, Diddy, Atlantic, TVT, Warner Bros., Capital, and So So Def, but they all passed on my project." "It really made me step it up more." "I was getting looks from like ten different labels, setting meetings up, discussing figures, meeting with A&R's. I decided to go with the "musical powerhouse" , Money Orientated Brothaz Inc. Records, and thats what i call home. Now D.I. is poised to "bring back real rap." His lyrics are serious, witty, and intellegent. His delivery is pure-rapid- fire flow. His drive and work ethic are crazy. For years to come D.I. will be seen as a force to be reckoned with. "I'm focused, I got my mind my right, I see where I'm going, and I'm not stopping until i get there." Be on the lookout for Dante Innferno doing shows, dropping and apperaing on mixtapes and CDs in your area. For booking and contact info. send e-mails to or call 1-614-212-0879.

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