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Digital Beat

Digital Beat
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Digital Beat:
  software: Reason, Rebirth 2, T-Racks 24 and cubase VST + some plugins and sample cds.

General info

  I started in late 80īs but project name was not Digital Beat at first. I had Atari 1024 stfm and noisetracker+protracker trackers. At first got inspired from Lynnes great music. Made musical experiments mixing other artists tracks and sampling audio with home-made digitizer (buyed from a friend) with atari.
  I made and experimented with atari for a long time then moved to pc and screamtracker in 1992. Later in 1995 got Fasttracker 2 which been using since to 2000.
  Nowadays using reason and cubase vst etc.
  Musical influences/inspirations from Prodigy, Aphex Twins, Chemical Brothers,FSOL and Jean Michel Jarre.
  Have been just since 2000 in mp3 scene.

Download free music

Ethnology (re-master) 5.32 MB Download
Impulsive 8.34 MB Download
Symbols Of Eternity 6.75 MB Download

Latest tracks

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