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Devastating Supremacy

Devastating Supremacy
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Members of the band

  Henri Suomus - bass & vocals
  Henri Koskela - guitar
  Risto Udd - drums

General info

  All started about 4-5 years ago in Tuusula, Finland when two school kids Henri.K and Risto started jamming together and they decided to form a band. Through many lineup changes and musical directions at last in mid 2003 Henri.S joined the band and Devastating Supremacy was founded. It's very hard to describe the music we play with one or two words, we take influences from many different bands and genres but thrash metal is the base in our music. From crushing midtempo to aggressive and brutal thrashing with melodic touch and harsh vocals would be the best description of our music.
  Somewhere in late 2004 Risto was forced to move to Kuhmo which is located over 600km north from our homeplace, so he couldn't continue with the band anymore. In early 2005 Joni joined DevSup as a new drummer.
  At the beginning of June 2005, Risto moved back to Tuusula and returned to the band.

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