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Members of the band

  Juan Torres - Vocal
  Gonzalo Astudillo - Guitar
  Miguel Roa - Guitar
  Alex Pizarro - Bass
  Felipe Jiménez - Drum

General info

  We are Dethroner, a death metal band from Chile. We have been playing since 1990 and we have recorded lots of demos. A new studio album, 'Bringer Of Desolation' is due in June 2007. Dethroner signs with Dan's Crypt Records (spain label), they just sign a 2 record deal contract.
  Here is one of their songs (BTK) that would appear in their last album called Bringer of Desolation.

Download free music

BTK n/a Download
Deathshadowed n/a Download
Hell On The Earth n/a Download
We Rise n/a Download

Latest tracks

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