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Des Enfants Aux Suicide

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Members of the band

  Marnix Schmitz : Guitar & Vois
  Theo Paymans : Bass Guitar
  Jelle ? : Drums

General info

  Des Enfants Aux Suicide
  Des Enfants was created spontaneity and also ended spontaneity.
  How do we behave in case of the sword of damocles.
  The first time I ever played guitar en sing at the same time.
  I didnít even no I was able to do this. The Music is spontaneous
  there is no practice, it was the first time we played.
  Later on we started are own studio, studio "Akkabar".
  With a lot of echo effect equipment and drum computers, we made later on
  more songs.
  The Name "Des Enfants Aux Suicide" is connected with a wave
  of suicide, in that period, by dozens of young kids in the Netherlands.
  The most of theme jumped from high buildings,
  the government reacted with placing some nets on the lower levels
  of flat buildings, so the kids had to run and jump.
  I am not a fan of Suicide, if you are unhappy, chance your live!
  I think a lot of kids are very unhappy, with the high
  expectations this capitalistic system demands.
  The Live recording was made in "Chee's SoundHouse" in Arnhem, by Alex in October
  of the year 1985, I was 22 years old and never played music in my live!
  Nowadays, I have my own home-studio and still make tracks.
  More in the style of Underground Dance. I am also DJ and Head-organisation
  of "StarGazer". An Underground Goa-Tech & Psy-Techno Event.
  For more Info, Links and Downloads, go to my home-site : or

Download free music

Born Like This n/a Download
Ego in Quatre Dimenzione n/a Download
Ego in Quatre Dimenzione (singe rmx) n/a Download
Judgement Day n/a Download
Men Kind n/a Download
Spirit n/a Download
Time is Up n/a Download

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