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Prime Style Music

Prime Style Music
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Members of the band

  The Bigg Freeze aka Furyus Styles
  Biggie Bigg Tha Don Fattie
  Scagnetti "Al" Capone

General info

  Furyus Styles, and Biggie Bigg, formed an independent label named PrimeStyle Music. Furyus Styles the founder and chairman of Prime Style Music has an extensive resume for hip-hop with over a decade of experience in the industry, and is always on the look out for new ideas to evolutionize the hip-hop genre. Biggie Bigg co-founder and main artist/producer also has an extensive resume for all his time and experiences performing and producing with the likes of C-Town Parlayer's, Dope Alone, S.O.U.T.H. and countless others, and has decided to bring that experience to Prime Style Music. With thier ecclectic styles, these two down south artists decided to combine thier skills with many local talents such as Scagnetti "Al" Capone, Blaze One, Chi-Low and many others, to form an unprecedented mixture of talent and music.
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Download free music

Play the Fool n/a Download
Reflections n/a Download
Te Quiero (I Want You) n/a Download
Who's Your Bigg Daddy n/a Download

Latest tracks

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