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Deep Shovelmen

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Members of the band

  Jani - head sonics/6-strings
  Aleksi - 6-strings
  Tuomas - low sonics
  Taito - beat

General info

  Welcome to the psychomelancholic adventure of the holy group of the deep shovelmen!
  This orchestral nightmare is representing echoes coming from fellas who have been played together every once in a while since hot summer 2002.

Download free music

1. On My Way 1.69 MB Download
2. City Streets 1.89 MB Download
3. Psychomelancholic Nightmare 1.07 MB Download
4. Human Touch 2.52 MB Download
5. Near 3.56 MB Download
6. By 1.15 MB Download
7. End 1.00 MB Download

Latest tracks

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