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Cigarette Potpourri

Cigarette Potpourri
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Vadim Yesilevsky: Composer, Publisher, Co-Producer, Vocalist, Guitarist, some Keys, some Bass
  Jonathon August Lee: Composer, Engineer, Co-Producer, Vocalist, Keys & Synth, some guitars.
  David J (studio guest musician from Love And Rockets, Bauhaus).
  Matt Laug: (studio guest musician previously performing with Alanis Morisette on Jagged Little Pill, touring with Slash's Snake Pit, & many others) Percussion, drums.

General info

  A studio project put together by the two first-mentioned above. Vadim begain his study of music composition in Europe (Kiev), schooling in engineering (Pro Tools) in Los Angeles in 1998-2000. Former Vice President (VP) of Amp Records, coordinating the creation and distribution of "Entoptic Whores"- Germany, France, Netherlands), Vadim began building his studio & pursuing creation of independent label Deculture Media in 2002. Secondly listed above, Jonathon August Lee, who recently left position of 5 years with Sony Pictures in Post-Production, collaborated with Vadim in the creation of 5 tracks, making this compilation, Cigarette Potpourri. Growing their independent labels, they still work together and with others creating lyrical & instrumental tracks for the purpose of tv/film syncronizations. Music licensing/clearance is available with no hassles or delays. Submissions always considered for future compilations or collaborations.
  - Written by Rebekah of JoyBang, Administrator & Publicist (non-exclusive), Sultry Syndicate Publishing (BMI)

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Change Me n/a Download
Helpline n/a Download
Interlude 34 n/a Download
Season #5 n/a Download
Tiny n/a Download

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