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Members of the band

  Joe Fraulob - Guitar
  sKiTz - Vocals
  Frost - Drums
  VeNeSSa - Bass

General info

  April 2003: Chosen by multi-platinum artist DISTURBED to perform on the "Music As A Weapon 2" tour in front of 5000+ at the San Jose Events Center with Disturbed, Taproot and Chevelle. June 2003: Released Debut EP: "Sign Of Things To Come" which was added by over 60 CMJ Loud Rock radio stations in the U.S. July 2003: Filmed a video for the single "I AM" directed by Mike Sloat whose credits include The Velvet Teen, Nerfherder, Fingertight, and Machine Head. August 2003: Performed with Iron Maiden, Dio, and Motorhead at the Sleep Train Amphitheater in Sacramento, CA. August 2003: "I Am" received significant airplay on commercial station KXOA 93.7FM, "Sacramento's Hard Rock." Sign Of Things To Come also receives airplay on various Nor-Cal commercial radio including The Fox 101.7FM in Santa Rosa, KRZR in Fresno, KWOD 106.5FM and 98 Rock in Sacramento. October 2003: Performed with Def Leppard at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in Irvine, CA. December 2003: shuts down - DECONSTRUCT acheives over 23,500 plays in less than one year.

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DEEPER DOWN 3.16 MB Download
I AM 3.15 MB Download

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