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Deborah Denise

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Members of the band

  Deborah Denise: guitar, vox, loops

General info

  Deborah Denise, DDLUX of SPOKES fame, was once a singer/songwriter of the anti-Jewel variety!
  This is her fabulous 3rd record, PERP, which was created in cakewalk fashion, on a computer, in a kitchen, in NJ.
  Tons of crunchy guitars, drum-loopage, lush harmonies, and supremely catchy melodies make up PERP - and are why you should also check out SPOKES's music here at mp3lizard!

Download free music

Furlough 3.24 MB Download
Greetings From MacarOON NINE lo-fi 3.73 MB Download
License Lost 5.12 MB Download
Pink (Live) 3.41 MB Download
Psychic Choke 3.19 MB Download

Latest tracks

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