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The Dead Parrots Society

The Dead Parrots Society
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Members of the band

  Chris Roughan vocals
  John Arthur Hewson guitar,vocals
  Greg Rose guitar, keyboards, vocals
  Katy Andrews Scott keyboards, vocals, bodhran drum.
  Steve Head bass , vocals
  Sam G violin, vocals
  sheila ross recorder

General info

  Formed in 1991 with the goal of producing an album on vinyl without commercial considerations. We produced an LP album on vinyl, privately issued "Music Of A Bygone Age" which is diverse in range and we are told, very English in its sound.Our vocals do tend to have that Roger Waters/Syd Barrett intonation.Our genre is Folk Rock with a psychedelic edge. We consequently gave most of the 500 copies away to friends and family. We dispersed soon after the album because of other musical commitments of the members. However a record collector came across our album in 1994 and during the next few months, we found ourselves actually selling them for just a few ús each to both him and a German collector.By 1995, most the copies had gone to various corners of the world.We have recently seen the album on the net sold for $100! But we ourselves failed to make the money that collectors appear to have. The band reformed for a second vinyl LP "Saint Cecilia", 1997. . A much gentler album of the more dreamy folk genre but after intially selling 250 on vinyl, the sales dried up.We assumed the collectors interest in our first album hadn't turned to this one. However Italian magazine Rockerilla did review it favourably and put us at number 5 in their charts.Consequently some albums were sold to Italy.Now we have turned the vinyl into cd and the cd into mp3 with the purpose of re-awakening from our slumbers. Just last week we saw a used copy of Saint Cecilia sold in Italy for $28.Amazing considering I have 250 of them in the house unsold.Such is music and now our main aim is to let the DPS be heard worldwide rather than just circulating the collectors scene. Putting the LPs onto cd and recent get-together of some members is where we're at now, as well as posting mp3s on several sites on the net. At last we've decided to start marketing ourselves, something we never previously did.

Download free music

angel with a number 4.56 MB Download
child 3.01 MB Download
elephant man 2.51 MB Download
Paranoid Girl 5.30 MB Download
praphai 4.45 MB Download
the dreamer 4.92 MB Download

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