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Dead Of Night

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Members of the band

  Mikko guitar & vocals...
  Marko guitar
  Petri drums
  Miika bass

General info

  It was somewhere at the beginning of year 2000 when we joined together and wanted to play Metallica's, Iron Maiden's and other "old and good" bands' songs. Our band was named Wariance and consisted of three (four) members: Mikko Haverinen (guitar, vocals), Marko Haverinen (guitar), Petri Laitinen (drums). We had some bassguitar players, but they never became the real bass players of our band.
  In that time music we played was not that heavy. We had Metallica and Iron Maiden as our idols and you can hear some effects of these bands on our older demo cd. We made only one demo including that kind of music and, people and the world made me feel more fucked every day and it began to change the way we created songs.
  We started to play more aggressively, riffs got darker features and vocals changed to be less melodic. We think, let the past be what ever it wants to be, but we play like this and so it is...
  2004 was our first and real demo cd released and it contains three songs: Dead of Night, Blazing Meadows of Death and Face of Glass.On the basis of it were also other songs made, recorded little by little and here they are on our new album. Recordings at it were quite hard to make and it took much time. At the same time songs were to change their appearance and finally got ready to be put in to the album, which has no name, it is just Dead of Night. The songs in it are: Dead of Night, Blazing Meadows of Death, Face of Glass, Blowing out a Candle, Deadend and Sentenced to Death.
  New material is being made all the time. Our music is going a much more complex.
  2006: new bass player is Miika Kokkola !

Download free music

DEAD OF NIGHT n/a Download
Driven by the demons "2006" n/a Download
Everything is to die "2006" n/a Download

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