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Members of the band

  Torben Weitmann (guitars)
  Stefan Hansen (drums)
  Daniel Wilkens (singer)
  Thomas Hulstrøm (bass)

General info

  Formed by the end of 2004 by the remains of PsychoFive and the rusty rest of ancient danish deathmetalers Corrosive. What became is Deadicated, a fresh sound of death metal with groove and attitude. By the end of 2005 five songs were recorded in a local studio - things didnt quite work out the way Deadicated wanted it to - the explanation was that the technicians of the studio accidentically deleted the raw tracks that Deadicated wanted to mix themselves. The preliminary result was not satisfactory. However, the sound was much improved by the recording of additional guitars done in the livingroom of Thomas, the bassplayer of Deadicated. The songs recorded were Slaughter In The Basement, Sleepless In Dreams, The Injection, Things You Cannot Deny and Military I'd Like to Fuck (M.I.L.F.). These songs can be bought together with a DVD video of Deadicateds first show in 2005 from As of right now - summer 2006 - a new demo is in the making. The drums have been recorded and the bass and guitars will be done as soon as the guitar players can find the time. The drums were recorded in the Deadicated rehearsal room by ourselves. Many thanks to Thomas Møller and his companions for lending us a mixer and mikes. The guitars will be done in Thomas livingroom once again. No decision has been taken regarding the vocals - but they will definately not be done in Thomas appartment as he has no plans to start looking for another place to live. So sooner than later there will be a new batch of songs for you to enjoy....

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Slaughter In The Basement n/a Download
The Injection n/a Download
Things You Cannot Deny n/a Download

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