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David Myles

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  David Myles

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On The Line
The title speaks volumes. David Myles is a fresh force on the Canadian
  entertainment landscape who has dared to put it all on the line with
  this independent release ... creativity, vocal versatility and musical
  dexterity. The cd is a powerful and stylish blend of jazz, blues,
  gospel, pop and folk influences. His trademark enthusiasm and
  likeability shine through on this disk.

David’s lyrics walk you through the human experiences of desire, loss
  and hope. They reveal vulnerability, determination, humour and
  strength, and provide an unflinching look into our common need for love
  and a feeling of home. The first track on the cd, “I Don’t Wanna Know,”
  hooks you at the opening riff and you’re humming along by the end of
  the first line. In the soulful request to “Not Be Afraid,” David issues
  a seductive invitation to be open to every emotion. He challenges you
  to escape to a better future in “Cape Breton” and makes a moody plea
  for change in “When Will We Learn.” “On The Line” is a throwback to the
  sophisticated and world-weary blues sensibilities of early Bourbon

David is fearless in his arrangements – from Hammond Organ to double
  bass to an outstanding horn section – he enjoys an acoustic palate that
  marries rich and elegant with animated and imaginative. In live shows
  he serves it up with the energy of a demon, and audiences immediately
  open up to his honest and passionate delivery. David is a young man but
  he has old-soul wisdom that connects him with people on the most
  fundamental level.

David’s last release, “Things Have Changed,” exposed him to new
  national and international audiences and earned him industry
  recognition in the form of two Music Nova Scotia Awards, and
  nominations for both the 2007 Canadian Folk Music Best New Artist Award
  and the ECMA Galaxie Rising Star Recording of the Year. Compelling and
  laconically comical, “When It Comes My Turn” won first place in the
  2006 International Songwriting Competition in the folk
  singer/songwriter category and has become a standout favourite with

From small house concerts to major festivals and
  national/international showcase events, demand for David is growing
  across Canada and the US. Initial audience and industry reaction to his
  newest release is enthusiastic and embracing … a fitting pay-off for
  putting it all on the line.

For more information on David Myles and his extensive touring schedule, visit his website:

"On The Line"
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