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dan sindel

dan sindel
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Dan Sindel - Solo Artist - electric guitar!

General info

  Most of my selections are in the Public Domain as I am modernizing some of our favorite classics with only the electric guitar.
  In the midst of studying Digidesign Pro Tools, experimenting in multi-tracking techniques, these demos are a derivative of hours of pure fascination of the love of music and the intense desire to better my musicianship. The learning curve is steep as the technology allows for a myriad of possibilities. It is my desire that you the listener can appreciate the interpretation and treatment given as the guitar, electric and acoustic, is the main instrument of focus.

Download free music

Canon in D Major - Pachelbel n/a Download
Danny Boy n/a Download
The Stars and Stripes Forever n/a Download
Vivaldi_FourSeasons_Spring n/a Download

Latest tracks

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