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Danny McGaw

Danny McGaw
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Danny McGaw - Lead Vocals/songwriter/Guitar
  Ryan - drums
  Jeremy - Bass

General info

  Danny comes from Manchester, England. His rock tracks show off the strength and clarity of his voice. It also shows that a truly good song will be able to stand on it's own merits with just a lone vocalist with a single instrument.
  Lyrically he is an original, with a solid voice that is distinct and memorable, and a lyrical concept that is relevant for the events we see in the world in 2003.
  Lyrically it's apparent this singer pours his heart into the composing process as well as his mind as the lyrics are intelligent and well thought out. Danny genuinely means what he sings also clearly shines through in the vocal performance, which is half the goal in writing songs, the other goal is getting people to take the words to heart, which is subjective to the listener.
  His songs are quite simple and pure. Danny McGaw's is a rising talent to watch, as I have no doubt we will see and hear more good things from this artist.

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L.A. n/a Download

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