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Department of Physics

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dance / techno


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General info

  Department of Physics was established in the early spring of the year 2000 with the intention to create uncompromising, experimental music with no stylistic restrictions. D.o.P is based in Helsinki, the mighty capital of Finland, and has it's roots deeply in the local scene. D.o.P consists of 1*human = Sopuli. Department of Physics has been influenced by many kinds of musical styles and artists such as Aavikko, Jimi Tenor, Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins to name a few. The musical extravaganza of D.o.P has been made with a poor computer, guitar and mic.

Download free music

Aeroklub 1.76 MB Download
Bionic 2.05 MB Download
Proton Accelerated 2.05 MB Download
Seasick Despair 1.92 MB Download

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