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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Paul Vocals
  Joe Guitar
  Dean Bass
  Scott Drums

General info

  The History Of Current
  Current was founded on the breakup of another band Water in the early summer of 1994. Former members, Joe (Guitar), Warren (Singer), and Tim (Drummer) remained jamming together due, in part, to an allegiance to the music that they refused to let die.
  Still, they knew they needed a Bass player. That's where Dean entered the picture.
  Joe knew of an old friend who was playing bass with other musicians. He tried to contact Dean but with no success. At about the same time, Dean heard an unfinished demo of Water that his younger brother Keith had provided. Dean called Joe and wanted to jam. He brought along Steve who played guitar. The rest it seemed at that point was history.
  In a cramped apartment, above a restaurant overlooking a beach in Ventura, Joe, Warren, Tim, Dean and Steve gathered each weekend and played their music into the wee hours of the morning; long after the bars had closed. This was the scene of many outrageous parties. People even gathered in the streets to hear them play. By this time the members knew that they were a part of something much bigger than themselves. They needed a name. Current seemed a logical choice because it fit their emotionally charged style of music.
  Steve however, for his own reasons, decided shortly thereafter to go his own way but the rest of the group intact and stronger than ever, were now a hot commodity and were busy writing and playing music for local audiences.
  For awhile, success seemed in the bag but then, another blow. Warren left the group and now Current was without a singer. Determined, the remaining three, placed ads in local newspapers soliciting a new vocal artist and talent responded. Still, auditions proved fruitless. They couldn't find what they were looking for.
  Time passed and Tim who got involved in other projects, drifted from the group as well. Current was now down to only two members- Joe and Dean.
  Then one night outside a local nightspot, Joe happened to be talking about the groups dilemma, and was overheard by Paul who said.
  "Hey man, I can sing."
  Joe, a bit cynical by this point replied. "Yeah, everyone thinks they can sing."
  Paul disappeared into the club only to return with something scrawled on a receipt.
  "Call me" he said, and I'll prove it." They exchanged phone numbers.
  The very next night they jammed until 3:30 a.m.. Joe playing his acoustic and Paul singing, something clicked! Current now had a singer.
  As fate would have it, the same kind of thing happened again when Joe visited his friend Gary's house. Gary was there kicking back with Scott, who said, "hey I hear you're looking for a drummer."
  Joe had known Scott for years and knew he played drums but had never put it together before this moment. "Scott plays drums!"
  Current was once again a band and with a whole new edge.
   Copyright May-2000
  All Rights Reserved

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Conform 2.36 MB Download
Gone 2.39 MB Download
Kapoed 5.70 MB Download
Lilttle Drummer Boy 3.48 MB Download
The Wait 1.77 MB Download
Walking on Lies 3.26 MB Download

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