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Members of the band

  Brooke Anne Burns

General info

  Crystalcherry is a new artist and an open wiccan. She breathes a positive light into the word of paganism which is looked at as weird or evil. SHe makes us look like we should, the most part honest, good, loving, people. her Cd crystal clear...revisited is to be out soon.
  When it comes to creating a hit, CrystalCherry is one of the new up and comers. The album Crystal Clear...Revisited is a mix of overt sexuality laced with rock riffs with soothing angelic vocals. Her album is a not like any I have ever heard. Not exactly a rock album, far from a big ballad album, but it also has a little parting in it.
  Sure not the best production ever, it could use some work. But for a second chance a majesty, Crystal delivers. But when there are weak spots, there are weak spots. Come and Get Your Love was a once R&B hit, but thanks to the Real McCoy it be came a ditsy pop reggae piece of sh*t. Crystal covers that song with the assistance of Rene Dif (of Aqua) and once again breathes life into a horse that was dead many years ago.
  2005---Toxic Records
  But there are times when the album makes you feel like you are listening to a Grammy award winning artists. Crystal Clear is a single that sounds almost Mariah-ish . The songs begs you at the end to "please catch me... I'm falling for you." Before you know it, this angelic voice has you wrapped around her fingers.
  But from her rock anthem Follow Me, comes an explosion of energy that is all through the album. When she is not singing about love tenderly, she's trashing it harshly. Her song Thing, that You Don't Wanna Hear, talks about how a guy never really understands a woman because partly they don't try, vent her frustration. But it's the song Static Angel that tells all. The songs is a shot at her ex, "The road is ruined, when you put your boots into the virgin snow" "Get out my face, you're a big disgrace.". She tells it how it is, the gritty truth.
  But some songs, like Crystal Clear, are just soft ballads. It's Not Too Late, is one of those ballad. The lyrics soft and easy, and the vocals are the same. But the best song on the entire album is Baby Doll, a song dedicated to her brother."It's dedicated to him, but it's for anyone who has felt left out, it's for that person inside us all that feels insecure with there self, I assume that's all of us sometimes."
  Recorded: Los Angeles
  Guests/Players: CrystalCherry
  Technical Notes: Vocals
  Artist Profile: Crystalcherry is one of those stars who are famous for not being seen. Another thing that makes her so popular is her enigma. Why do we love this girl? Simple, we arracted to the image of the celebrity. Brooke, the person however is nothing like the force of nature on stage. But who is this girl? Time to find out.
  CrytalCherry was born, Brooke Anne Burns on July 12th 1987 from Anne Elane Buchenilli Burns (Italian and French) and Francisco Burns (Pouter Rican and Russian) . This very colorful heritage help shape Brookes tolerance of other cultures. She shared her life with her parents and her older brother David Leonardo Burns. Brooke is very close to her older brother.
  Crystalcherry proved to have amazing range even when she was a child and was chosen for the children’s choir in one of the highest grossing animation films of all time the Lion King. She also began to show of acting chops auditioning for movies like, Harriet the Spy and Later on, The OC, beaten only by Rachel Bilson.
  But as her career in acting began she became more involved in music being the voice for the 2001 commercial for Levi’s with singing navels. The navels sang along to Diana Ross’ “I’m coming out”. After this display and plus Brookes obvious commercial looks, Jive Records took notice.
  Prior to that though, CrystalCherry recorded her first album consisting of only 5 songs. The Album was called in the Arms of The Angels. This album had a single called “Arm of the Angels” which really climbed the Occult Charts and became a moderate Indy pop hit. It was followed up By “Deconstruction” which captured similar glory.
  Pagan Music, now defunct, refused to signed Brooke because of her commercial appearance. This slowed down broke on her trip up the latter of fame. Then Arista Records called, immediately they signed the 15 year old Brooke, and they began production of her album Crystal Clear.
  At first the album was pure pop, similar to Stacy Orrico’s sound. But when their new star Avril Lavigne burst onto the schene with her punk/pop hit Complicated, this prompt Arista to change the direction of their new star. While emulating Avril’s sound, but at the same time try to not completely steal her image, they carved and created CrystalCherry as a new, sexier version of Avril Lavigne. But what they didn’t realize was Avril has her own sound, and forcing Brooke to create something like it would not end well. And almost as soon as the single Sweet was released it went nowhere. It was a flop not even cracking the top 200 once. And with no radio play, and even less interest. Crystalcherry looked down for the count.
  Arista not trying to completely loose, sold CrystalCherry’s contract to the Indy label TOXIC. And while she was recording her nest album Rain Storm she was hit with the news. This, along with her need to reintroduce herself prompted her to record Crystal Clear…Revisited. A mix of a remix album with band new material. The album has yet to be released from Toxic but has already produced the Hit, “Follow Me” and the recently released ballad, Crystal Clear.
  Brooke isn’t all sweet an innocent, quite the contrary. She has been known to get involved with many heated arguments with well known celebrities. She isn’t without gossip, she may thrive on it. From the most likely, (Arguments with Avril Lavigne) to the scandalous, (Making out with Aaron Carter and being Hacked) to the down right silly (Overdosing on drugs) . One of the most noted, since Crystalcherry always brings it up is the small one-sided rivalry with Avril. Legend has it, that when Crystalcherry was at Arista, there were talks of making and Avril/ Crystalcherry duet. However Avril, apparently said Brooke couldn’t sing. This angered Brooke and she fired back with adolescent comments like calling her a “whore”. Another issue was the Pop star Trevor Guthrie of soulDecision. Back in November of 2004, Crystalcherry was in the soulDecision chatroom starting trouble. When Trevor entered the site, there was talks about her music. He then called her a bitch. Brooke being sharp tongue as she is told him off by saying, “No straight man has that much hair gel, or has highlights that bright.” Then went on to call him a has-been.
  If this drama wasn’t enough, then what happen during the of 2005 was just tragic. Some how, some way, CrystalCherry’s personal information, including numbers, emails, Addresses and photo were released. This same thing happen to Paris Hilton earlier this year. And one of those photos were one of an intoxicated Brooke with fellow pop star Aaron Carter. One in particular, was one of them making out.
  After this, there was nothing left to do but die. Crystalcherry eventually “died” on October 21, 2005. The only problem was she didn’t. The details of her death was sketchy, all was known was she died of an overdose. Which of course, hours after catching wind, CrystalCherry posted a message on her site rebutting those claims.
  Today Crystalcherry works hard on her new album Rain Storm, and have been working closer with other artist. She co-wrote Mandy Moore's New single Hey. And Crystalcherry is also working on a possible compilation album. But make no mistake Crystalcherry will be ready for her up coming Crystal Clear..Revisited Live Tour.
  Voice type: Spinto Soprano
  • Highest note: B6 (Crystal Clear) , possibly D6 or E6
  • Lowest note: F3
  • Vocal Range: 2.5 octaves (F3-B#6)
  • Arms of the Angels Released April 3, 2000 independent release. (.013 mil US, never released in the UK)
  • Crystal Clear Released June 13, 2004, Arista records. (.023 mil US, never released in the UK)
  • Crystal Clear...Revisited (Unreleased) October 31, 2005
  • Rain Storm (Production)
  • Now and Forever: The Very Best of CrystalCherry (Production)
  • Arm of the Angels released March 16, 2000 (# 15 on the Occult Music Charts)
  • Deconstruction released July 8, 2000 (# 33 on the Occult Charts)
  • Sweet released January 4, 2003 (# 150 on the Disney Charts) an Arista Release
  • Follow Me released June 14, 2005 (# 203 on the IN UK charts)
  • Crystal Clear released October 20, 2005

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