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Members of the band

  1.) Davor Vlahov - lead vocals and guitars
  2.) Slaven Nikolić - vocals and lead guitars (member untill recently)
  3.) Vedran Hrgetić - keyboards
  4.) Darko Demić - bass guitar
  5.) Neven Nikolić drums

General info

  Fragment was started for the sake of creating its own music in which the members, but also the broader audience could enjoy in (quite understandable). It was a logical step for Davor, Slaven and Darko who were playing in different bands for a long period of time (6-8 years) and a new experience and a wish come true for Neven and Vedran as it is their first band. As a result of mixing this group of people and their different influences (Dark Tranquillity, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Masterplan, Ark, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Blind Guardian, Vanden Plas...) with the fact that everybody stayed open-minded Fragment's music was born, which can be described as melodic heavy metal with progressive influences, meaning we created a blend of heavy-progressive riffs while retaining highly melodical choruses as kind of a band's signature. Furthermore we never encumbered ourselves with a specific style (often not even within metal) so we created a lot of very different songs, but each with a unique Fragment signature. We hope you'll visit our bandsite, enjoy our free song from the album and learn everything You need to know about Fragment!

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