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Craig Bennett

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General info

  Moody, atmospheric pop with narrative lyrics.
  "…One of the best singer-songwriters to emerge from the British pop tradition can be found right under our noses. In Georgia, in fact…Bennett is really a poet with a guitar, spinning verse that doesn't always match the meter of the tunes and crafting tunes that are well balanced between fundamental pop structures and his more obscure tendencies. … A little bit of Nick Drake balancing out the little bit of John Lennon in stark pop bliss. For the most part, though, Bennett evokes the visage of David Bowie. Besides possessing very similar vocal abilities, Bennett colors his songs with true nonchalant cool. Overall, Craig Bennett is a songwriter for whom no obvious contemporary parallel exists. In short, he's the best "British" songwriter America has produced in some time, and his brand of elegantly layered pop is well worth checking out." Matt Fink, DOA- Denver, CO -Matt Fink, DOA (Denver,CO)

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Living Room 2.41 MB Download

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