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Members of the band

  James - Lead vocals / guitar
  Mat - Bass
  Richard - Drums / backing vocals

General info

  "These boys have a great sound in the grand tradition of all things mod, and are sure to make a big impact with their happy snappy songs" - David Stark (Official research consultant to the World Music Awards, the Ivor Novello Awards, the Chart Newcomer Awards, and a member of the voting academy of the Brit Awards).
  Contrast are the number 1 mod influenced indie/rock band. Since 2004 they have played a number of gigs mainly in Kent and London, attracting attention from the record industry, media and fans alike. A brief list of their credentials is shown below:
  - Contrast feature on a National single release alongside artists including Ron Wood (Rolling Stones), Steve Craddock (Ocean Colour Scene), Mark Joseph, (release date 31/5/05).
  - The band's first album 'Right Equation' has attracted record company interest.
  - Contrast played alongside Mark Joseph (4 top 40 hits to date) in Portsmouth in July 2005.
  - Contrast have been selected to represent Kent in a Music and Arts Festival held in France on 4th and 20th July 2005.
  - The band were chosen as one of the few initial acts to appear on a new website entitled 3-minute productions which was available for the best of British talent.

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