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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Tom Forrister - Vocals, keyboards
  James Odell - Guitar
  James Wiggans - Guitar, backing vocals
  Richard Clark - Bass
  Rob Needham - Drums, percussion and backing vocals

General info

  Hey, we're Contrast, a rock/metal band from Weston-Super-Mare. Our members range from ages 14-15. We've been going around since the summer of 2003, but our singer, Tom only joined in September 2004 - We were more of an instrumental band before, that's why the solos and instrumentals are quite long.
  Our style of music is rock/metal but we like to add other elements such as punk, thrash and funk into our songs.
  Check out our site at and we hope to see you around soon

Download free music

Hard Times n/a Download
The Only Thing That's True (45 second clip) n/a Download
Unforseen Consequences (45 second clip) n/a Download

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